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Resin Bond - Grinding Grit
DR-Series | Sizes Available: 30 – 500 Mesh


DRS is our standard uncoated resin bond diamond product. As a very economical abrasive, the DRS series is widely used for polishing stones, natural diamonds and gems.


DRX is our strongest uncoated resin bond product. The DRX series can be also used for vitreous bond tools. It is recommended for grinding glass, quartz, ceramic and stones.


DRV has a micro-chipping structure, which makes the grit highly friable and self-sharpening. It is ideal for polishing or finishing of cemented carbide parts, ceramics, PDC etc.


DRV-G also has a micron-chipping structure with relative high friability that is suitable for polishing of stones, cemented carbide parts, natural diamond, gems etc.


Coated Products

Grade Nickel Coated Copper Coated
  30% 55% 60% 50%
DRS   Checkmark    
DRV-G   Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
DRV Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark


Both electro-less and electrolytic cladding are available for nickel-coated products

Electro-less Nickel Cladding Electrolytic Nickel Cladding Electrolytic Copper Cladding


Custom sizes & shape configurations available. Request Information.

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