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Synthetic Diamond Grit & PowderSynthetic Diamond Grit & Powder

Saw Grade Quality Grit

  • DSG Series
    DIDCO DSG series saw grit represent our top quality and strongest diamond grit. This diamond grit is manufactured using the latest state of the art technology. Most diamond crystals are cubo-octahedral in shape and free of visible inclusions. Very high strength and superior thermal stability make our DSG series diamond grit suitable for a wide range of sawing and drilling applications.

Grinding Quality Grit

  • DMG Series: Grinding Grit
    The synthesis process of our DMG series is similar to that of our DSG series. All DMG series grades are designed for use in metal bond tools. The economical DMG-480 quality can be also used for vitreous bond tools.

  • DEG Series: Grinding Grit
    DEG series grinding grit is treated saw grit and DMG series grinding grit. Generally, DEG series grit is similar to its base products with very low levels of metal inclusion and is specially designed for manufacturing electroplated diamond tools.

  • DRS, DRX, DRV and DRV-G: Grinding Grit
    DIDCO’s synthetic resin bond diamond powder consists of four products: DRS, DRX, DRV and DRV-G. All four products are designed for resin and vitreous bond applications. A full line of coated products is also available.

Synthetic Diamond Micron Powder

  • Dm-RB for Resin Bond Systems
  • Dm-MB for Metal Bond Systems

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