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"T" Series - Self Supported PCD Wire Die Blanks


  • Wire Drawing Die with Silicon Binder offers high wear resistance & surface roughness.
  • Custom sizes available upon request.
  • Thermal Stability: Die blanks are recommended to be mounted ~ 800˚C.
  • Recommended wire drawing temperature: ~600ºC for fine grain & ~700ºC for coarse grain.
  • Polish: Single side standard (double sided polishing available upon request).
  • Available Diamond Grain Sizes: 5µm, 10µm, 25µm
"T" Series ADDMA D T Hexagon 'H' Shape Round 'R' Shape
T-H/R3215 D12 3.2 1.5
T-H/R4020   4.0 2.0
T-H/R5225 D15 5.2 2.5
T-H/R5235 D18 5.2 3.5
T-H/R6025   6.0 2.5
T-H/R6035   6.0 3.5
T-H/R6040   6.0 4.0
T-H/R8040 D21 8.0 4.0

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